Flir FC Series


Fixed Network Thermal Cameras

FC-Series thermal network cameras now include on-board video analytics to create a powerful, standalone edge intrusion detection device. Capable of classifying human or vehicle intrusions, FC-Series cameras provide reliable detection and flexible alarming options.


Because FLIR understands that you need cameras for the real world,  FC-Series cameras are qualified beyond industry standard for survivability, and are backed by FLIR’s unparalleled 3-year system warranty and 10-year detector warranty.



  • On-board video analytics with ability to classify human or vehicle intrusions
  • Multiple alarming notification options, including email, digital outputs or VMS alarms
  • Ideal for use with third-party analytics, including those provided by FLIR’s partners around the world
  • Camera configuration via web or mobile apps
  • Simultaneous IP and analog video outputs
  • Open IP standards for plug-and-play integration; ONVIF conformant
  • Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) & Wide Dynamic Range Thermal image processing combine to give you optimal images in dynamic thermal scenes
FC-Series thermal network cameras can detect human or vehicle intrusions and alert you in multiple ways, including by email, digital outputs or VMS alarms.