About Us

Akronos Technologies was founded in 2005 with the aim to use past experience and gain market share in the Electronic Security Industry. 

During the past twelve years we have grown from a small entity to a company that can boast with some of South Arica’s blue-chip companies amongst its customer base. During this time we also expanded our operations into Africa with a well known international brand as customer.

The Electronic Security Industry is a wide field with almost everybody being exposed to the industry on a daily basis, whether being watched by a CCTV camera, moving through an access control point or being monitored by burglar- and fire alarms.

The security target markets, and particularly the end users, are being bombarded by companies and their staff claiming that they offer the “best turn-key solution which are custom made for a specific client at the cheapest price.”  This, together with products that change almost on a monthly basis, makes it very difficult to make a decision on which product or contractor to select.

Hopefully our track record and references will assist you in making this decision.


It is important to note that Akronos Technologies is not aligned nor affiliated with any specific product, supplier, distributor or manufacturer.

The implication is that we are not forced to propose certain products that might not necessarily meet the operational and financial needs of the Client.


Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA) BEE Certification: