CCTV Surveillance systems

CCTV Surveillance systems are becoming more widespread everyday as a means of keeping track of employees, locations, entryways, and more. Originally designed to monitor safety concerns, CCTV Surveillance systems are continually evolving making it the ideal solution for many types of businesses.


Businesses use CCTV Surveillance systems to monitor employees, to trigger alerts in case of fire or motion, and to watch over entrances to buildings. CCTV Surveillance systems are also used in retail stores to reduce shoplifting and in financial institutions and convenience stores as a deterrent to robbery and theft.


Parking lots, garages, remote areas on college/university campuses, hospitals, commercial sites such as shopping malls and industrial manufacturing sites are also becoming popular locations for CCTV Surveillance systems to be installed.


At Akronos Technologies, we pride ourselves at being specialist integrators of all types of CCTV Surveillance hardware components which are manufactured by major suppliers such as Bosch, Samsung, Sony, Axis, GeoVision, Hikvision, Pelco, Vivotek, Aduha, TeleEye, AverMedia and FLIR Thermography Thermal Imagers & Infrared Cameras to name but a few.


It is important to note that we are not aligned nor affiliated with any specific product, supplier, distributor or manufacturer.  By implication we are not forced to propose certain products that might not necessarily meet the operational and financial needs of the Client.


The company designs, installs and maintains CCTV Surveillance systems for many leading retailers, commercial and industrial companies.


Our systems are also able to integrate with point of sale, access control and other business systems to improve security, operations and risk management in your business.


  • Akronos Technologies offers a complete range of analog and digital IP camera systems.
  • Ask a consultants to assist in selecting the right camera and Digital Video Recorder for your application.

DVR's - Digital Video Recorders

  • Choose from our range of IP addressable digital video servers, giving users the ability to capture, stream, view and store video images using a web browser .
  • All DVRs offered can be operated locally or remotely.


  • Akronos Technologies offers a complete line of Surveillance Video Monitors including flat screen, high resolution, desk top and rack mount models.