ImproX MMA 

 ImproX MMA

 Mullion Antenna Reader


The ImproX (MMA) Mullion Antenna Reader is a compact Tag Reader.

The Antenna Reader includes a Status LED; its functions are application specific.

The MMA is compatible with the SupaGate, IXP110, IXP120, IXP200, IXP300 or IXP400 Access Control Systems.

You may use the Antenna Reader with the following ImproX hardware:

  • ImproX SupaGate Lite Receiver.
  • ImproX SupaGate Receiver.
  • ImproX SupaGate Plus Receiver.
  • ImproX IXP110 Controller.
  • ImproX IXP121 Controller.
  • ImproX (MfT) Multi-function Terminal.
  • ImproX (TT) Twin Antenna Terminal.

The Antenna Reader is intended for indoor or outdoor use.

The electronic components are potted enhancing its resistance to tampering.


Key Features

  • A single bi-coloured Red or Green Status LED.
  • Read/Write Tag capability for various Tag types: Slim Tags (Read Only), Omega
  • Tags (Read Only), WriTag 128 (Read/Write) and WriTag 2048 (Read/Write).
  • Reads selected Third-party Tags when used with the ImproX TT or IXP121.

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