Proximity tags


 General Description

The PST-620-20 Proximity Tag is a robust identification device for use with the PSR-600 series proximity readers.

The robust case is manufactured from high impact black polycarbonate and is suitable for use with a keyring or other attachment.

The read range is 60 mm when used with a correctly installed PSR-600 series reader.

The tag is a passive device that does not require a battery. This allows for an infinite number of reads.

GSC tags use Amplitude Shift Keying and Manchester Coding to ensure reliable transfer of data to the reader



Standard Features 

Tag Size:  48 L x  38 W x  6.5 H   mm  

Operating  Temperatures: -40oC to +80oC  

Frequency:  125 KHz  

Response Time:  <100mS  

Reading Range (typical): 60 mm

Weight: 14 gms

Data: 32 bit ID data + security data  Amplitude Shift Keying Manchester Coding

Protection: IP66 

Colour:    Black

  • Reading range of 60mm
  • Fast response
  • High impact, robust polycarbonate housing
  • No battery - infinite number of reads
  • Compatible with existing GSC PSR series proximity readers
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP66
  • Unique 32 bit ID number - over 4 billion codes
  • Drop resistance - 100 times from 2m.