Access Cards 




General Description


The PST-620-30 Proximity Credit Card is an identification device for use with the PSR-600 series proximity readers.

The card is manufactured from white PVC and is suitable for sublimation or screen printing on both sides.

The read range is 100 mm when used with a correctly installed PSR-600 series reader.

The card is a passive device that does not require a battery. This allows for an infinite number of reads.

GSC cards use Amplitude Shift Keying and Manchester Coding to ensure reliable transfer of data to the reader.

Options include slot for badge clip and adhesive pouch for ID photo. Contact GSC for details.  

Standard Features

  • Reading range of 100mm
  • Fast response
  • White PVC suitable for direct printing v No battery - infinite number of reads v Compatible with GSC PSR series proximity readers
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP66 v Unique 32 bit ID number - over 4 billion codes
  • Drop resistance - 100 times from 2m.       


  • Tag Size:   85.6  x  54  x  0.85 mm  
  • Operating  Temperatures: -40oC to +80oC 
  • Frequency:  125 KHz  
  • Response Time:  <100mS  
  • Reading Range (typical): 100 mm
  • Weight:   6 gms
  • Data:    32 bit ID data + security data Amplitude Shift Keying Manchester Coding
  • Protection:   IP66
  • Colour:    White