Softcon CR355 Controller


The CR355 is an intelligent multi-function, 2-reader controller, complete with backup battery housing and power supply, capable of storing up to 65,000 sequential card numbers.


Being a multi-function controller, the CR355 controller is capable of interfacing to biometric, proximity, magnetic stripe, infra-red, bar code and other readers. and from 1,000 to 2,900 transactions buffer off-line.

 Softcon CR355 Controller


  • Microprocessor based.
  • Stand-alone or system integrated.
  • Used as reader, I/O controller or both.
  • 2 Card readers - Data/clock, Wiegand, Touch or serial (RS232 or RS485). Reader data lines are opto-isolated inputs. Readers connect directly or via front-end modules (CR372, CR374).
  • 1 or 2 Door configuration (with door sensing).
  • Booth/Mantrap with presence detection. • 4 relay outputs. The 6 reader LED lines can be configured as open collector outputs.
  • Card capture.
  • Audible alarm.
  • 16 supervised inputs (8 bit A/D).
  • Interface to external I/O devices via a one-wire bus (5V/data and ground) or an IIC bus.
  • Egress override facility.
  • 2 Pin pads and LCDs – and programmer (via CR374).
  • Vehicle detect provides reader enable and APB linked to vehicle.
  • APB reset via key- or push-button.
  • 96000 bytes for cards data, resulting in 96000 card numbers (running numbers with facility code) or 15000 random numbered cards (memory locations reserved according to last digit).
  • 1000 PIN codes (1 to 6 Digits).
  • Anti-Passback (APB), Passback of cards and Anti-timeback.
  • Time accumulation logging (Day / Week / Month).
  • Multiple illegal entry attempt disables reader.
  • Batch loading of void and valid cards.
  • 30 holidays. Time groups with weekday, holiday enable.
  • 15 Access time groups, 8 Access time zones.
  • 15 Input time groups, 8 Input time zones.
  • Latching continuously energized, 8 time zones
  • Readers enable 8 time zones.
  • Keypads enable 8 time zones.
  • Adjustable latch and door open detection timeouts (1 to 99 seconds).
  • Limit on number of cards per group present.
  • Software watchdog and power dip reset.
  • Four diagnostic LEDs display
  • RS232 or RS485 communication.
  • Fiber optic or modem available as an option.
  • Serial printer option. • AC or DC power source.
  • Battery backed memory.
  • Comms buffer of 1000 transactions.
  • Real time calendar clock. Transactions are time and date stamped.
  • Optional integrated 7AHr-battery backup with mains monitor.
  • On-board component provides a unique ID. • Inputs configurable as counters.
Softcon CR355 Controller


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