Impro Controller IXP20

Impro Controller IXP20   
2 options available IXP20 Touch and IXP20 NET State-of-the-art colour TFT Graphics Touch Display for manual configuration, including:
  • Screen lock for configuration security
  • Easy-to-use configuration
  • Anti-passback with Zoning
  • Door mode Patterns
  • Time Zone and Daylight savings
  • Access Groups
  • Incorporated enrollment reader with support for selected 125kHz and 13.56MHz tags.

Support for up to 8 doors in Anti-passback.

Fully secure, web enabled - only a browser needed to connect

Using AES 128 bit encryption and Diffie Hellman Key-Exchange.

Up to 8 doors

Up to 1000 Tagholders,

Up to 5 000 Buffered Transactions

Be it the home of office, the IXP20 with its modern and sleek design, will compliment the aesthetic appeal of any building.  The IXP20 provides Impro's tried and tested access control technology, taking you into the future with complete peace of mind and security.  The two and a half inch colour TFT touch screen offers complete system configuration including simple and advanced system configuration.
Impro Controller IXP20

About System

With onboard reporting, the IXP20 provides a clean and easy-to-use visual output for the user, making access control setup from 1 up to 8 APB (Anti-Passback) doors uncomplicated.


With the IXP20 system, access control is no longer reserved for the industrial or enterprise market,  Everything you need to secure your premises is at your fingertips thanks to the simplicity of the touch screen, all while reducing costs and complexities whilst maintaining functionality.

Impro Controller IXP20

Specifications of system

Tagholders: 1000

Buffered transcactions: 5000

Doors: 1-8

Readers: up to 16 (8 APB doors)

Tgs per person:  up to 3

Tagholder Access Groups: 8