Access Control Systems


Akronos Technologies supplies, installs and maintains Access Control Systems.

We offer the most popular brands and Access Control System types available in the Security Industry.

These systems can operate in a basic stand-alone design, be connected to a PC or configured to a TCP/IP Network.

Keypads are the third alternative where the user simply enters a code to gain access to an area.

Access Controller Units


All activities occurring at the readers are captured via the Controller. The Controller is pre-programmed to allow or deny entrance to a specific area, which then sends the information to a PC, where Access Control Software arranges and presents the captured information according to rules set-up by the end user.

Softcon CR390 TCP/IP Softcon CR355 Softcon IXP20
 Softcon CR390 TCP IP  Softcon CR355  Softcon IXP20
 Softcon IXP220 Proxnet4000  
 Softcon IXP220  Proxnet4000  

Proximity Card Reader Systems

Proximity Access Control makes use of an Access Card or Tag which is presented at a Proximity Reader.
HID Proximity Card Reader HID Long Range Proximity Card Reader HID iClass Proximity Card Reader
ImproX MMA ImproX MHA Antenna Proxnet Pro Reader

Bio Metric Fingerprint Systems


Biometric (or fingerprint) Access Control, captures the employee’s fingerprint when presented at the Biometric Reader. Biometric Fingerprint Systems includes everything that requires identity authentication by scanning a person's unique physical characteristics. It is used where high security is a necessity due to its superiority compared with conventional access control methods. Hospitals, Universities, Government Departments, Residential Estates as well as the financial industry all use physical access biometrics for the purpose of greater security and efficiency.

MA500 Biometric OMA520 Outdoor Biometric Minitman Biometric
Enrolment Morphosmart Reader Sigma Lite ZK reader F17

Access Cards / Tags


A Proximity Card or Tag is programmed against a specific individuals’ name on the Software. The card and the reader unit communicate with each other through radio frequency fields of either 125 kHz, or 13.56 MHz for the newer cards. The reader unit has its own antenna, which continuously transmits a short range radio frequency field to the Antenna coil which is fitted inside the card.

Proximity ccess Cards / Tags    



Boom & Turnstiles

MAT Barriers SECTOR Vehicle Barriers Single Full Turnstiles
Turnstar Triumph Turnstiles Gate  

Gate Motors & Accessories


Access Control Accessories


Access Control SoftwareThe Access Control Software is installed on a PC which allows the end user to dictate who can or cannot use a specific entrance point and at which time slot. It also enables the client to draw reports of these activities.


Door Access Readers Door Access Readers are usually strategically located at every door that needs to be controlled. The Door Reader is typically connected to the Access Control Box via Wiegand (which is normally 7 or 8 wires), RS-485 (which is two wires) or via a standard CAT5 network cable.


Electro Magnetic Locks This is a magnetic locking device used to secure the door and prevent access until the appropriate access device has been used. When access is granted, the magnetic lock is disabled by the Access Control Box and the door is unlocked for a number of seconds to allow the user to pass through.

Access Control Integration Access control systems are greatly enhanced once integrated with a CCTV system. You will be able to view all access logs together with the corresponding video events. Access logs and events can be inspected via the Web or, alternatively, you can be notified of activities via E-mail or SMS